Zhou Hou is an oriental artist who comes from beautiful China where has more than five thousand years of historic culture. She followed her faith of love and now residing in Ukraine and still specializing in painting and calligraphy. Most of her original works sell to USA, Europe, China and Australia.

     She always tries to develop beyond the previous paintings, so that her works in the art market are highly regarded. The artist seeks perfection at each of her painting. She pays close attention to emotions and soul,and reposed them on her paintings.

   Zhou Hou says: "The means of artistic expression have no unified standards, it is the carrier of the free soul."


   Educational Background:Hunan University of Arts and Science

   Academic Degree: Bachelor degree

  Work Experience:Since graduating in 2011, mainly engaged in painting education of teens, and in May 2012 award the honor "EXCELLENT INSTRUCTOR" which issued by Hunan provincial's education department. In 2014 was invited to Beijing to attend private Juvenile Art Education Institutions for experience exchanges and teach. Back and forth between China and Ukraine, in the end of 2014, at last, settled in Ukraine in 2015, started her own studio and continue to engage in artistic creation.

  Hobbies:DIY、cooking、music、reading、theater and opera、snowboard、hiking ...














I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.


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