A very creative artist & calligrapher from China. Most of her original works sell to the USA, Europe, China and Australia. In the same time, She is excellent art educator and loves paintings of children very much. She says: "Children's arts can guide us to create a real art painting".

    Now Zhou Hou pays all her attention to the artwork. She quests the arts with a different medium, here you can find her oil painting、pastel、sketch、watercolour、ink... Her current research interests are watercolor.

   ZhouHou usualy likes to paint something from her own idea, so you can see a lot of her orignal creativity paintings here. Her favorite artist are Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, in same time she says: "I will not be like them, but I will be me!"
  Currently,she quests watercolor, but sometimes her clients comission her making painting with other mediums,and she respects all good wishes and reasonable requirements of customers
    If you have any question or you like her art work and support her job, do not hesitate to contact her in facebook or email.

One of painting exhibition of Zhou Hou in 2011

Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it !

                                                                                        Robert Motherwell


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(梦中之恋)Falling in love

暗恋,一场蓝色的悠悠的爱之梦。 很多个日的期待,很多个夜的思念,将那难以启齿的爱恋,深深的,深深的埋藏。哦,这蓝色的悠悠的暗恋之梦。